Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment by Dr. Lawrence Eisenhauer, Mommy Makeover Specialist in Encinitas, CA, the San Diego area.

What is sexual dysfunction?

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Sexual dysfunction refers to people who experience problems with any phase of the sexual response cycle (excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution). Issues with this cycle can create pain or dissatisfaction either for an individual or a couple.

What are the causes?

Sexual dysfunction can be caused by physical and psychological issues. As an OB/GYN, Dr. Lawrence Eisenhauer helps women who experience physical causes, including menopause, hormonal imbalances, urinary problems, vaginal atrophy, endometriosis and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). POP occurs when one of the pelvic organs (the uterus or bladder, for example) falls out of its place and into the vaginal wall. It can be quite painful and uncomfortable.

What are the symptoms?

For women, sexual dysfunction can result in:

  • An inability to become aroused during sexual activity
  • A lack of sexual desire or interest in intercourse
  • Anorgasmia, or a lack of orgasm
  • Painful intercourse
  • Ovulation issues and infertility

How does Dr. Eisenhauer diagnose sexual dysfunction?

Dr. Eisenhauer will conduct a physical exam in order to thoroughly evaluate your symptoms. This can include a pelvic exam to evaluate the health of your reproductive organs. A Pap smear will check for changes in the cells of the cervix (cancerous or pre-cancerous cells). Other tests may be conducted, depending on your symptoms.

Treatments in Encinitas, California

To schedule an appointment with a caring, experienced OB/GYN in San Diego County, use our scheduling form to meet with Dr. Eisenhauer. He will take the time to listen to your issues and concerns regarding sexual intercourse, and can provide you with the right treatment. Give us a call at (760) 753-8413 to schedule today.

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