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MonaLisa Touch is an FDA-approved laser system designed to treat menopausal atrophy symptoms and painful intercourse.*

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MonaLisa Touch® CO2 fractional vaginal laser device has been in use worldwide for almost 20 years with a great record of safety and effectiveness. It took 12 years for our FDA to even allow its entry into US for “MENOPAUSAL VAGINAL ATROPHY.” Utilizing fractional C02 energy, MonaLisa Touch® has been extensively studied and safely utilized by licensed gynecologists to correct dryness and bladder instability associated with menopause or cancer.

“For properly identified and selected patients, in my experience and opinion, MonaLisa Touch® is very effective. The feedback from countless patients I have treated with this technology over the past 4 years has been simply extraordinary, it would be remiss for me to ignore them. Many of these patients have no other non-invasive alternative, or have tried them and have not been adequately treated.

I would like all patients considering these vaginal procedures to discuss this with their referring gynecologists or if my patient, consider a second opinion with another GYN. I feel I am screening patients adequately for the availability of other treatments, however I recommend the above if they are unsure.”

Dr. Eisenhauer
August 1, 2018

What is MonaLisa Touch®?

MonaLisa Touch® is an FDA-approved laser system designed to treat menopausal atrophy symptoms and painful intercourse.* Menopausal atrophy symptoms can include: vaginal tightness, dryness, itching and urinary incontinence. Most women experience these issues during menopause because body begins to lose larger amounts of estrogen, collagen and elastin. Instead of tolerating these uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms, laser vaginal restoration can improve your personal and intimate life.*

How does it work?

Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

As demonstrated in the video above, MonaLisa Touch®’s CO2 laser delivers energy directly into the tissue of the vaginal wall. By stimulating collagen and elastin in the vaginal tissue, softness, lubrication and elasticity can all be improved.* Collagen aids in the hydration of the vaginal wall and helps it maintain a more youthful state.* Post-menopausal women, breast cancer survivors unable to take estrogen supplements, and women who have had a hysterectomy can all benefit from this procedure.*

What can I expect during treatment?

Laser treatments with the MonaLisa Touch® are performed in-office and do not require anesthesia. The treatment itself usually lasts 5 minutes or less. Immediately following the procedure, you should feel a lasting relief from the symptoms associated with menopause.* Three treatments are usually recommended in order to achieve optimal results, but some women find the relief they need after a single treatment.* The side effects are minimal, and will be covered by your doctor. You will need to refrain from sexual activity for a few days following treatment, but other than that, you will be able to resume your normal routine immediately.*

Why go to a gynecologist for MonaLisa Touch® treatments?

We recommend that you go to a gynecologist for treatments, since consultations are essential when treating menopausal atrophy. After reviewing your gynecologic health and symptoms, your GYN can decide on the best treatment for you. In some cases, other steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. When Dr. Lawrence Eisenhauer holds consultations, he likes to take a 3-option approach. These three options include:

  1. Allowing symptoms to resolve naturally, when appropriate
  2. Surgery
  3. MonaLisa Touch®

Combination therapies can only be performed by board certified gynecologists, who are best at evaluating your symptoms and selecting the best treatment.

From Dr. Eisenhauer regarding MonaLisa Touch® FDA notice
On July 30, 2018 the FDA issued a “stern warning” to doctors advising them against using laser therapies to treat sexual dysfunction especially in Post-Menopausal women stating they have not approved these devices for this specific use. However, to date, an inquiry by me to the FDA Medical Device database showed no adverse events reported for Cynosure MonaLisa Touch®.

MonaLisa Touch® by Eisenhauer

Practicing in Encinitas, California, Dr. Eisenhauer provides MonaLisa Touch® treatments to patients in San Diego County. If you live in the area and you suffer from menopausal atrophy symptoms or urinary incontinence, schedule a consultation today. Using his 3-option approach, Dr. Eisenhauer will create a treatment plan just for you. Schedule online or by calling us at (760) 753-8413.

*Results may vary.

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