Sexual Function & Breast Cancer

Sexual functioning among breast cancer survivors can be difficult. Luckily, there is MonaLisa Touch.

Sexual functioning in breast cancer survivors

Sexual functioning among breast cancer survivors can be difficult. Research shows that breast cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy are at a high risk for sexual dysfunction after treatments. Sexual dysfunction can include painful intercourse, a lack of sexual desire or interest and an inability to become aroused during sexual activity.

For breast cancer patients, oncologists are the “captain of the ship;” whatever they say, goes. The problem with that, however, is that oncologists never discuss sexual function with their patients. These sexual dysfunction issues can actually be solved with MonaLisa Touch non-hormonal, laser treatments.* For the most part, the best source of information on how MonaLisa Touch can help breast cancer survivors is actually found on online blogs. Many gynecologists don’t know anything about MonaLisa Touch, and if they do, they may be unable to provide the treatments. By reading online blogs written by those who have experienced the benefits of MonaLisa Touch, breast cancer patients have discovered that these treatments can provide a noticeable improvement to their sexual function.*

Treatment for breast cancer patients with sexual dysfunction

MonaLisa Touch was specifically designed to treat menopausal vaginal disability in patients who cannot or will not use estrogen therapy.* Since breast cancer patients are also unable to use hormones, this treatment is the perfect match.* MonaLisa Touch can revitalize your intimacy, and can help to produce great satisfaction.* A majority of patients have had a positive experience with these treatments and they have noticed a huge difference.*

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