Ultrasounds are a safe and painless imaging method that produces images of the body’s internal structure through the use of high-frequency sound waves.

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds (also known as a sonography) are a safe and painless imaging method that produces images of the body’s internal structure through the use of high-frequency sound waves. These images are very helpful for confirming or monitoring a pregnancy (obstetrics), but they also allow doctors to diagnose female conditions (gynecology). Ultrasound devices are commonly used on the outside of the body, though some examinations may be slightly more invasive (like transvaginal ultrasounds and sonohysterographies).

Ultrasounds help to:

  • Provide an image of the ovaries and uterus during pregnancy
  • Examine breast lumps
  • Evaluate blood flow
  • Examine the thyroid gland
  • Assess joint inflammation
  • Review metabolic bone disease
  • Guide a needle during a biopsy
  • Diagnose internal organ diseases

What is a transvaginal ultrasound?

A transvaginal (or endovaginal) ultrasound is an internal examination of the female reproductive organs. Unlike a pelvic or abdominal ultrasound, where the transducer (wand) rests on the outside of the pelvis, a transvaginal exam involves your OB/GYN inserting the transducer 2-3 inches into the vaginal canal.

Transvaginal ultrasounds are performed to check for:

They may also be recommended during pregnancy to check for abnormalities, diagnose a possible miscarriage or confirm an early pregnancy.

What is a sonohysterography?

A sonohysterography is a special kind of ultrasound, in which a thin, plastic tube is inserted into the cervix in order to add fluid into the uterus. Sound waves are used to create images of the uterine lining. The fluid used in this procedure will provide more detail to the images and can help OB/GYNs (like Dr. Lawrence Eisenhauer) check for uterine fibroids, scar tissue inside the uterus, blockages of the fallopian tubes and issues with the uterine lining or shape.

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